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Remit-X (Online Remittance System)
Remit-X is a java/browser based comprehensive remittance/funds transfer
system that automates inwards/outward remittances

* Open Source (No hidden cost on Application server, Database, additional CPU licence).
RemitX is build on 100% open source community tools and IDE from SUN Microsystem, IBM, Apache, Postgres, RedHat JBoss.

* Scalable Framework and architecture.
RemitX is build with Java Bean and object oriented(OOPS) Technology which are well managed from programming and reengineering point of view.

* Secured based on 128 Bit SSL by robust Enterprise Certificate Authority.
Users can achieve, revoke digital certificate online for better security and identity.

Why Automate your Remittance Processing?

  Immediate Benefits:
  • Reduced bank service charges
  • Reduced deposit preparation time
  • Increased accuracy of accounts receivable postings
  • Reduced labor requirement for data entry
  • Easier tracing of returned items
  • Enhanced customer service
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