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About Remit-X (Online Remittance System)
  • Remit-X is a java/browser based comprehensive remittance/funds transfer system that automates inwards/outward remittances.
  • Remit-X has been deployed and runinning successfully over 2 and half years on Banking environment handling more than 50 receiving and 100 Paying Agents.
  • Easy to Use Interface Nyatapol has introduced an easy to use interface that can be used by any user with or without any computer experience. A user does not have to be an expert to operate the software.
  • Management of multiple locations worldwide The software is not limited to one location or one country. The HQ can open multiple branches worldwide.
  • Money Transfer in few clicks The interface is very easy to use in a few clicks. Agents can process the transactions and print receipts if necessary. Likewise, the software also keeps track of the history of transactions and can generate reports.
  • Transaction is Real Time As soon as the transaction is committed by the Agent, it appears at the remote site within a second and is available for the payee agency.
  • Centralized Administration All servers and data is kept at the HQ. All administration is done at the HQ level only. The HQ has the right to void any transactions, create/manage agents/payee agents, assign different roles, and etc.
  • Inter-Branch Fund Transfers (IBT) Remit-X has an added capability of inter-branch fund transfer.
  • File Upload and Download Interface - Remit-X allows you to upload and download transaction files to any remote system. This interface is very useful to integrate this program with any third party systems/software. - Standard API(XML-RPC) that can be integrated onto existing software of financial institutions for making a transaction with the remittance system.
  • Built-in Security Remit-X supports two layers of security, 128 Bit Encryption (SSL). Security control by username and password and individual security settings for every user. Furthermore, authentication using Digital Certificates is also available. Only authorized Agents can access the system and can access modules they are authorized to see.
  • Keeping Track of Transaction Log Remit-X keeps track of each transaction in a log. HQ can always go back and monitor the activities through the log and resolve any issues.
  • Consolidated Customized Reports Remit-X provides daily transaction reports, agent-wise, payee agent wise, currency-wise, etc.
  • Software Platforms Remit-X is designed on Open Source Platforms i.e. Java as a programming language, PostGres as a database server, and Red Hat Linux as the OS. The customer need not worry about expensive software/OS licensing issues.
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