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Modules on Remit-X
  Administration Sections:
  • Agent registration with Login IPs.
  • Registration of users for agents with details of tasks.
  • Management of users and agents (View, Edit, Reassign Tasks).
  • Officers Creation and Management (View, Edit, Enable/Disable).
  • Set Up different parameters like Bank, Branches, Regions, Paying Agent etc.
  • Assign Location & Branches to officers and paying agents.
  • The administrator can change his/her password from this module.
  Receiving Agent Sections:
  • Apply For the remittance (ID / Bank Transfers).
  • Approve the remittance depending upon permissions assigned.
  • View the status of remittance (On queue, Dispatched, Paid etc).
  • View the vouchers of Paid Remittance.
  • Search the paid remittance by Remittace No, Applied Date, paid date etc.
  Paying Agent Sections:
  • View the Requested Remittances.
  • Process the Remittances.
  • Upload the Paid vouchers
  • Search the remittances by Remittance No, Applied Date, Paid Date, Agent Id etc.
  System Requirements
  • Mid-range Server
  • Dedicated 24x7 Internet Connectivity
  • Registration of Server with Certification Authority.
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